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PLAYOLOGY: The beginning of something new

07 Jan PLAYOLOGY: The beginning of something new

This will not be the first or last time that you will hear me say this:

“Company culture and leadership development is to your team what customer service is to your sales – if either are neglected you lose!” Kai Dickens

But the plain truth of the matter is that when it comes to investing money to develop people, create strong leaders and improve the culture of your company – a lot of companies drop the ball.

I have personally been on the receiving end of a “bad boss” – one too many times to be perfectly honest. They are the bosses that make you hate coming to work even though the job that you have was formerly your dream job.

I still remember clear as day waking up on Sunday morning and the first thought I had was, “F$ck, tomorrow is Monday, I really do not want to go to work.”

You see I was that guy that worked my ass off, 70+ hours a week sometimes. I was in a job that I thought was my dream job and it truly was in the beginning. Towards the end, the way that I felt the day I handed in my notice was no way I would want any staff working under me to ever feel. I was completely defeated, unappreciated and sick and tired of not being acknowledge for my efforts. I felt broken by the system and I was happy to waive my surrender flag.

You see, everything isn’t always what it appears to be. There are plenty of companies that have won the awards that say “Best Company Culture” or “Voted Best Place to Work” , but when you get inside and actually become part of the company, you find that sometimes it just is not true.

What you find is that there are so many different variations of the happiness within the company and often times people refuse to speak about to others. We spend more than 30% of our lives at work and some where over 50% of people are unhappy in their jobs.


We spend more time at work than we do with our family…..and we are unhappy! Something has to change. This can no longer be the norm.

PLAYOLOGY was created because I wanted to be able to change a few HUGE things such as

  • how leaders are developed
  • how people work together
  • employee engagement and satisfaction statistics
  • closing the gap between the millennials and the other generations
  • help leadership understand and improve company culture


In December of 2012, I walked away from a nice salary and decided to create my own business. I decided that I wanted to be the person that got to help teach leaders how to lead. To help shift “managers” from being managers and develop them into leaders.

I want to help the person who doesn’t yet have their voice to say “I know you want me to move up but I do not have the skills yet to succeed at this position. Can you support me in my personal development?”

I have made it my mission to teach leadership development, to bring leadership coaching to corporations , to change the stigma around team building and to support organizations in understanding the importance of building cultures that are amazing for all staff (especially millennials) to work in.

With my background in leadership development and coaching, and my experience changing workplacecultures the company that I have created does just that.

PLAYOLOGY is here to become THE company that people bring in to bring back the play, laughter and life to their organizations. Sure we use PLAY as our vehicle to make an impact that creates unbelievable change. Pair the team bonding with our culture consulting , leadership and personal development programs and you have a grand slam.

Through this website, our events, services and THE Leadership HQ podcast, we hope to be able to inspire and impact millions of leaders all over the nation. Thank you for coming on the journey with us!

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