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About Us


As the founder of PLAYOLOGY, Kai is the head PLAYOLOGIST, Executive Leadership Coach and Team Building Consultant. After receiving one of the biggest wake up calls of his life when he got the call that his father had passed away (at the young age of 55) he walked away from a great job with amazing benefits and a nice paycheck to step into his life. Ultimately, what had once been his dream job as the director of a very large summer camp had left him passionateless, burnt out and over it from the long days and 70+ hour weeks month after month. For the next year and a half all he did was play and connect with friends. He was LIVING and LOVING life again. During this time, he noticed the more he played and included others, the happier everyone around him became. Knowing that he wanted more of that in his life he created PLAYOLOGY for the sole purpose of bringing adults back to play and happiness back to corporate culture.  


He has over 15 years of experience in leadership development and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge in the areas of leadership presence and effectiveness, team building, millennial management, employee engagement and organizational culture. As the go to millennial expert, he is passionate about bridging the communication and cultural gap between executives, directors, owners and millennials. Using play as the vehicle for change, he has created a unique way of improving understanding, trust and communication between the generations and teams.


Clarice is the Director of Client Happiness and Women’s Empowerment Coach here at PLAYOLOGY. Growing up on the East Coast, a combination of life experiences, and continual education, has enabled her to discovered that one of the most important things in life is to allow space in your day to let your inner child fully express itself. She is passionate about working with high performing women to define self-love, find their life purpose, become strong leaders and create what it looks like to bring joy back into their life through play. Clarice has two years of Life Coaching experience and over five years working in corporate culture.