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We are a transformational leadership development and training company that uses play as a vehicle to change corporate cultures, develop strong leaders and create engaged teams

Millennial Development

Let’s face it – most companies are struggling to “understand” this generation. We get us and we got you! Have a team full of millennials? Let us help you develop them professionally.

Leadership Training and Coaching

Have a leader that needs to develop some skills? Do you or your team feel stuck? Are you looking to transform yourself and become a more powerful leader? Leaders need support at ALL levels to grow.

Team Engagement

Mention the word teambuilding and most of your team will immediately roll their eyes. No fear, we have put a unique spin on the old school way of doing this.

Did You Know?


dollars is the approximate cost to replace a manager making $40,000 annually


percent of people who quit don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses


percent of new managers feel unprepared to succeed


percent of high performers are missing something needed to excel at the next level of the organization

The LeadershipHQ Podcast Launching Soon. Learn how to lead yourself and then others.

PLAYOLOGY gives you permission to play

For businesses, we offer
Culture Consulting

Nothing is more important than a companies culture. 75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs aren’t quitting the job, they are quitting their bosses. Looking to make immediate improvements in your bottom line? Start here.

Millennial Training

Nothing cookie cutter here – custom training to support your team in bridging this monumental gap. Happy Millennials lead to happy boomers…

Corporate Recess

Our signature event- games, races, group challenges, singing and so much more – this is guaranteed to be a hit with your team and a ton of fun.

VIP Days

Onsite visits to support you in improving your leadership and culture in your business.

Leadership Coaching

1 on 1 and group coaching personalized to support you or individuals on your team to improve overall happiness, achieve goals and foster growth.

Employee Engagement

It’s not teambuilding, it’s TEAMBONDING. The events are strictly to enhance teambonding and create an opportunity for fun in the professional setting. An amazing work environment equal happy, fulfilled and engaged employees. All three of those lead to bigger profits.

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